It’s that time of year… PROM season! The most anticipated event for teenage girls, and the most dreaded event by more teenage guys. The amount of times I hear the word Prom throughout the day at school are far too many to count – everyone’s thinking about it and everyone’s talking about it!

My favorite part of Prom is, of course, the attire. The time that I’ve spent browsing Pinterest looking at Prom dresses is too embarrassing to share. I think that Prom dresses have been revamped over the last few years, and the styles to chose from are so so trendy and cute.

Last year, my favorite style was definitely the one-shoulder. Although I did not sport this look to Prom, I really wish I would have. I think it’s the perfect mix of having straps and support, but also showing off the collar bone. I also think that a one-shoulder dress truly compliments all body types and looks so good with an updo to the side that is bare.

This year, I am so excited to see girls try out the two-piece trend. I applaud girls who have the confidence to wear two piece prom dresses – you go girls! I think it is so fierce and awesome. Having a two piece can be kind of risky, but I think it shows off some skin in a tasteful way.

I also am a sucker for strapless gowns, as I’ve purchased a strapless dress for both of my Proms. I think strapless makes the collar bone look so pretty. I told myself I wouldn’t purchase another strapless dress this year, but here I am, with another strapless dress. Whether the dress is tight or flowy, it’s flattering on a variety of body types, although it can be a pain to keep up all night.

Last but not least, I am in love with dresses with really full skirts. I’m so glad they are making a come back. I can imagine feeling like such a princess in a full skirt. I especially love the skirts will floral patterns – they are so adorable! I can’t wait to see girls rocking them at my Prom.

For a girl who loves fashion, Prom dresses are right up my alley. What’s your favorite part about Prom?

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