Our Votes Matter

I’ve always been interested in politics, probably because I am a part of a very opinionated family. However, my family’s very strong views on politics have not inhibited me. In fact, seeing how seriously they take voting and supporting their favorite candidates inspires me to figure out what I stand for and what I am passionate about. At school, I know individuals who are the same way – they want to explore the different views of politicians and see where they stand; but there are other individuals my age who could not care less, and it’s sad, considering we are the future for America.

Hillary Clinton’s recent announcement about her campaign has sparked my interest in why people my age don’t take advantage of the opportunity and vote. According to the U.S. Census, only about 45% of individuals aged 18 to 29 voted in 2012. I think that statistic is just crazy. Even more interesting is the fact that 72% of individuals aged 65 or older voted.¬†While the opinions of the older generation are equally valid, the younger generation is not educating themselves nor taking advantage of their rights.

Each day, I see women who support Hillary Clinton simply because of her gender. I know many people who voted for Barack Obama just because of his race. I also know people who have voted for John McCain based off his age. While these characteristics can persuade easily, the crucial part is candidates’ beliefs and plans, and if they align with the voter’s beliefs.

My generation is surrounded by so many new concepts – social media, technology, etc. I just see it to be such a shame that we do not use such things to educate ourselves and truly find out who we are and what we believe in! Decades ago, it was a privilege to watch a presidential debate, and now, people could care less. We are the future for the U.S., and soon enough our votes will decide the path in which our country takes.

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