Spring Fever

It’s hard to believe it’s actually April, primarily due to the weather not being able to make up it’s mind! Here in Indiana, one day is bright and sunny, and the next is cold and dreary. All I really want is to be able to whip out my spring clothes and say goodbye to winter for good. Unfortunately, the weather has a mind of its own… Below are a few ways I “spring” up my winter styles in order to combat my serious case of spring fever.

Scandals with Jeans. I think open toed shoes with long pants is so flattering and cute! I feel like it elongates the legs, although that’s probably just my imagination. However, scandals look good with not only skinny pant styles, but also straight and boot cut styles. Scandals are the perfect way to add a little extra something to any outfit. From sparkly scandals, to gladiator scandals, to just simple black scandals… they are the perfect way to say you’re ready for some warmer weather!

Pairing Tank Tops with Cardigans. Layering is the perfect way to show off your favorite spring tops while still staying warm! Adding a creme cardigan to colorful tanks is my go-to for this “in between” weather.

Pastel Nail Polish. I’ve always been a big fan of pastels, but wearing pastels on my nails is a trend I will never dislike. From lavender to baby blue to mint to even just nude, pastels are so flattering and are to perfect segway into bright colored polishes for summer. (And they make your hands look tanner! Who doesn’t want that?)

Bright Lip Colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love my “Kylie Jenner” lip colors for fall and winter. However, bright pinks, purples, and corals seem to brighten up any look.

Just like Lilly Pultizer said, “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”




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