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Comfortable, Cute, & Convertible | Vests & Leggings

Vests and leggings, otherwise known as gifts from the Lord above. These comfy essentials are everything. Whether I want to dress casual or cute, vests and leggings can be mixed and matched with many different pieces that are already in my wardrobe to create a variety of looks. Below are two of my favorite ways to style my camel puffer vest and a pair of leggings. I must admit that I probably love this vest a little too much. (But who said that was a bad thing?)

For my casual look, I layered my vest over a simple long sleeve t-shirt and leggings along with some pearl earrings just to add a little sparkle. I threw on my tennis shoes just because they pretty much feel like I’m walking on clouds, but these can easily be substituted for boots or flats.



For my more dressy look, I swapped my t-shirt for a cream sweater and changed into some short brown boots with the prettiest lace detailing… who doesn’t love lace?! I also added a rose gold watch to give the look a little extra bling, in addition to the pearl earrings.

Vest: H&M

Sweater & Boots: TJ Maxx

Watch: Target

Vests and leggings. That is all. :)

xo, Abigail

Blast from the Past | OOTD


A long, long time ago when my outfits were styled by my mom, I remember being forced to bring a jacket with me because it might get cold… even if it was 70 degrees out.  If I didn’t wear the jacket, my mom would always say, “Just tie it around your waist!” I remember feeling nerdy and dorky. Let’s just say if I shared any photos of me sporting this look, it would be a humiliating Throwback Thursday. But, maybe my mom was psychic, knowing that this outfit would someday become trendy. Whether or not my mom predicted this trend, wearing a flannel or button up shirt around the waist is all the rage right now.

For this look, I used my jean button up shirt as a way to color block an all-black ensemble. I think using a shirt in this way really separates and defines your top half from your bottom half. It also serves as a way to make the waist seem a bit smaller. (Who doesn’t want that?!) This trend is flattering on any body shape because of the way the shirt flares out, giving a flow-y effect. I also added a dainty gold necklace and my favorite gold bracelet to highlight the gold detailing on the back of my shirt. As for footwear, I slipped on a pair of black booties with gold hardware to tie it all together.

I love this look because it’s so casual, but flattering at the same time. The shirt not only serves as an accessory, but it also serves a real purpose… to provide an extra layer and keep you from getting cold. See mom, I listen to you! …Most of the time. :)

IMG_3965      IMG_3954

Black Top, Jean Shirt, & Jeggings: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden

Necklace: Francesca’s

Bracelet: TJ Maxx

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Abigail

Falling for Fall Fashion

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald accurately depicts exactly how I feel when temperatures cool and my closet transitions from summer clothing to fall clothing. Any season change is an exciting time for fashion, but there’s something about fall that gets every fashionista a little extra excited. It’s a time for women to try out new trends, but still look fashion forward reverting back to their favorite classics. Skirts and sandals are traded for sweaters and boots, my favorite fall staple.

My favorite cable knit sweater goes with absolutely anything, so for this look I chose to pair it with some skinny jeans and black booties to make my legs look just a tad bit longer (I can only hope). I also added a blue statement necklace just to spice things up along with a gold bracelet that I probably wear too often. :) Throughout fall  and winter an outfit like this is my go-to. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s easy to put together at the last minute and it’s super cute.

Sweater: Nordstrom

Jeans: Banana Republic

Boots: Toms

Necklace: J Crew

Bracelet: TJ Maxx