It’s that time of year… PROM season! The most anticipated event for teenage girls, and the most dreaded event by more teenage guys. The amount of times I hear the word Prom throughout the day at school are far too many to count – everyone’s thinking about it and everyone’s talking about it!

My favorite part of Prom is, of course, the attire. The time that I’ve spent browsing Pinterest looking at Prom dresses is too embarrassing to share. I think that Prom dresses have been revamped over the last few years, and the styles to chose from are so so trendy and cute.

Last year, my favorite style was definitely the one-shoulder. Although I did not sport this look to Prom, I really wish I would have. I think it’s the perfect mix of having straps and support, but also showing off the collar bone. I also think that a one-shoulder dress truly compliments all body types and looks so good with an updo to the side that is bare.

This year, I am so excited to see girls try out the two-piece trend. I applaud girls who have the confidence to wear two piece prom dresses – you go girls! I think it is so fierce and awesome. Having a two piece can be kind of risky, but I think it shows off some skin in a tasteful way.

I also am a sucker for strapless gowns, as I’ve purchased a strapless dress for both of my Proms. I think strapless makes the collar bone look so pretty. I told myself I wouldn’t purchase another strapless dress this year, but here I am, with another strapless dress. Whether the dress is tight or flowy, it’s flattering on a variety of body types, although it can be a pain to keep up all night.

Last but not least, I am in love with dresses with really full skirts. I’m so glad they are making a come back. I can imagine feeling like such a princess in a full skirt. I especially love the skirts will floral patterns – they are so adorable! I can’t wait to see girls rocking them at my Prom.

For a girl who loves fashion, Prom dresses are right up my alley. What’s your favorite part about Prom?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

I used to be nail-obsessed, trying out many different colors and attempting to try different patterns. And when I say attempting, I mean attempting. More than half of the time, my nails were a wreck. Now that I have grown out of that phase, I just want my nail polish to look good and to last at least a week.

Until a couple of weeks ago, my polish would last a good four days before it would chip, crack, and look unpleasant. No matter which brand I used – from OPI and Essie to to cheap dollar brands, nothing seemed to stay on my nails for a long period of time.

Then I discovered the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish. This stuff truly lives up to the name – it is a miracle. The first step is applying the nail color, followed by a coat of the special Miracle Gel Topcoat. The topcoat is necessary in order to get the desired results. The first time I used this product, my polish lasted two full weeks without any chips. As I write this, two weeks sounds a little bit ridiculous, but I am completely honest in saying that it truly did last two weeks! I could have left it on longer, but my nails were growing to be too long.

In addition to the longevity, the polish dried so much faster than normal polished. In less than 30 minutes, my nails were completely dry. Usually with normal polish I have to wait a full hour until they are truly dry.

And if the longevity and dry time weren’t enough to persuade you, the shiny finish and abundant color selection will be! I only own two colors right now, but I see many more in my future. Of course, the beautiful lasting finish is hard to say no to! Do yourself a favor and pick up some of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish!


Our Votes Matter

I’ve always been interested in politics, probably because I am a part of a very opinionated family. However, my family’s very strong views on politics have not inhibited me. In fact, seeing how seriously they take voting and supporting their favorite candidates inspires me to figure out what I stand for and what I am passionate about. At school, I know individuals who are the same way – they want to explore the different views of politicians and see where they stand; but there are other individuals my age who could not care less, and it’s sad, considering we are the future for America.

Hillary Clinton’s recent announcement about her campaign has sparked my interest in why people my age don’t take advantage of the opportunity and vote. According to the U.S. Census, only about 45% of individuals aged 18 to 29 voted in 2012. I think that statistic is just crazy. Even more interesting is the fact that 72% of individuals aged 65 or older voted. While the opinions of the older generation are equally valid, the younger generation is not educating themselves nor taking advantage of their rights.

Each day, I see women who support Hillary Clinton simply because of her gender. I know many people who voted for Barack Obama just because of his race. I also know people who have voted for John McCain based off his age. While these characteristics can persuade easily, the crucial part is candidates’ beliefs and plans, and if they align with the voter’s beliefs.

My generation is surrounded by so many new concepts – social media, technology, etc. I just see it to be such a shame that we do not use such things to educate ourselves and truly find out who we are and what we believe in! Decades ago, it was a privilege to watch a presidential debate, and now, people could care less. We are the future for the U.S., and soon enough our votes will decide the path in which our country takes.

Spring Fever

It’s hard to believe it’s actually April, primarily due to the weather not being able to make up it’s mind! Here in Indiana, one day is bright and sunny, and the next is cold and dreary. All I really want is to be able to whip out my spring clothes and say goodbye to winter for good. Unfortunately, the weather has a mind of its own… Below are a few ways I “spring” up my winter styles in order to combat my serious case of spring fever.

Scandals with Jeans. I think open toed shoes with long pants is so flattering and cute! I feel like it elongates the legs, although that’s probably just my imagination. However, scandals look good with not only skinny pant styles, but also straight and boot cut styles. Scandals are the perfect way to add a little extra something to any outfit. From sparkly scandals, to gladiator scandals, to just simple black scandals… they are the perfect way to say you’re ready for some warmer weather!

Pairing Tank Tops with Cardigans. Layering is the perfect way to show off your favorite spring tops while still staying warm! Adding a creme cardigan to colorful tanks is my go-to for this “in between” weather.

Pastel Nail Polish. I’ve always been a big fan of pastels, but wearing pastels on my nails is a trend I will never dislike. From lavender to baby blue to mint to even just nude, pastels are so flattering and are to perfect segway into bright colored polishes for summer. (And they make your hands look tanner! Who doesn’t want that?)

Bright Lip Colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love my “Kylie Jenner” lip colors for fall and winter. However, bright pinks, purples, and corals seem to brighten up any look.

Just like Lilly Pultizer said, “Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”




A Few of My Favorite Things | 02.22.15

I may not be Maria from the Sound of Music. And I may not be singing about raindrops on roses or girls in white dresses. However, today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that I’ve been loving the past few weeks.

My first favorite is this Michael Kors cross-body. Although I had to save up for this purchase for awhile, it was so worth it. More than anything, I love the size of this purse. It’s small, but it holds everything I need. I also love the colors and the gold detailing.


My second favorite is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. This product features three shades of powders that instantly give the skin life. These shimmery shades are the perfect way to glow up the skin on a cold winter day (and make you feel 100 times better about yourself.) I use the first shade all over my face to set my makeup. I use the middle shade on the top of my cheekbones, and I use the last shade as a blush. Now that I own this palette, I don’t know how I ever did my makeup without it!


My third favorite is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner. Even though I am not a big fan of Kat Von D and all of her tattoos… She does make a great eyeliner. I have been really into winged liner lately, and the brush tip on this one helps me make the perfect wing with ease.  It makes getting ready in the morning so much quicker and easier.

My third and fourth favorites are some new brow products that I have tried. The L’oreal Brow Stylist Plumper (left) and the Brow Stylist Sculptor (right) are new products to the drugstore. Not only are they cheap, but I feel like my brows look even better than when I  use my high end products. The Plumper is a tinted gel that keeps my eyebrows in place, and the Sculptor is a two-sided pencil with wax on one end and a tinted pencil on the other. I use the wax first and then follow up with the pencil. To finish off, I sweep the Plumper through my brows. Together, these products are magic… and so is the price. :)

My fifth and sixth favorites are the only two lip products I’ve worn for the past couple of weeks. From the tube, the two look very similar, however, from the swatches, you can tell that they are quite different. The first (left) is the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick in the color 17 Rose In Tension. Not only is the rosy-berry color so flattering, but the formula is so moisturizing and buttery. The second (right) is the Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in the color Honey. This product is more of a pink-mauve and is much more wearable than the YSL lipstick. It is also very moisturizing and makes my lips feel soft. I love switching back and forth between these two lip products. Not only are the colors beautiful, but the formulas are equally amazing.

My last favorite is the Body Shop Hand Cream. The scent featured below is Frosted Cranberry, but my favorite scent is Satsuma, which smells like clementines, but unfortunately I am all out of it. :( Both scents smell great, but what I love about this lotion is the formula. I didn’t use to be a lotion person, because I hate it when my hands feel greasy. However, this lotion is perfect because it sinks into the skin right away and doesn’t leave your hands feeling gross. It gives the perfect amount of hydration and leaves behind a pleasant smell that doesn’t make you feel sick.

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of my favorite products, even it I couldn’t pull a Julie Andrews and sing about them for you. :)

xo, Abigail

OOTD | 2.8.15

No matter what you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, feeling confident and cute in your attire is a must! I put together this quick little outfit of the day to help inspire you to pair unexpected pieces together and find a special look for Valentine’s Day right out of your closet. I’ve had each of these pieces for months but I never thought to wear them together until this afternoon. All things fashion aside, have a wonderful day surrounded by the people you love; whether it be with a significant other, best friend, or even just family! Happy Early Valentine’s Day! :)


Top: Free People

Jacket: Target

Boots: Steve Madden




The Best of Serena van der Woodsen

If you don’t envy Blake Lively, who are you?

But really, after a day of binge-watching Gossip Girl, I’ve realized that the jealousy of Blake’s character, Serena van der Woodsen, is SO real. Her looks, her style, her hair and makeup… She always looks so put together but so effortless. As weird as it sounds, I look forward to seeing a new outfit in each episode just because she pairs unique pieces with classic staples and is never apprehensive to take risks.

These three looks of Serena’s show her ability to mix and match patterns and textures in all of the seasons. The first look dresses down a blazer with the cutest pair of printed shorts along with a shirt that features a little bit of embellishment… Plus grey booties. Like… what? She’s got so much going on in this look but somehow all of the pieces flow together to make the outfit equally intriguing and wearable. I think the star of the second look is certainly the plaid pants. Although they barely peak through with the knee-high boots and the coat, the unexpected pop of color and pattern looks so, so cool. And lastly, the third look is so casual yet so put together, and so unexpected. I never would have paired the pink and silver top with a bright floral skirt. Somehow, the two complement each other so well. The yellow accessories give this look the punch of extra color it needs.

And now for her bolder looks… Serena’s dress of the left was practically made for her. Not only does she have a killer body, but the contrast of fabrics makes any of her imperfections (if she has any…) disappear. The monochromatic take on this dress is what makes it so beautiful. The stunning beading and lace speak for themselves, without the distractions of too many bold colors. The dress is bold enough with the long sleeves and beautiful detailing. Which bring me to the second look, a whimsical red dress that I would love to own. The detailing in this dress is also what makes it a showstopper. The beautiful pattern and silhouette in the back, the color…. I just love it so much.

And finally, Serena’s wedding dress. It wouldn’t be a Serena van der Woodsen post if I failed to include this beauty. Although I would never wear a dress like this, I think it is so awesome that she wore something so different on her wedding day. She didn’t let go of her personal style, even for her wedding. All eyes were on her and that golden dress on the big day. She took a big risk, and looked stunning doing it. Would you expect anything less of S?

So, for the entire female population who envies Blake Lively, you are not alone.


First Impression | Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

My mom recently brought home a new type of mascara for me to try and I can’t deny that I was quite intrigued by it. If you haven’t heard of the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes, it’s a two-step process consisting of a Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers. The first step is to apply the transplanting gel and then immediately follow up with the fibers. And when they say fibers, they mean fibers. The little fluffy specks of black latch on to the wet gel, essentially thickening the lashes and making them appear extra voluminous.

I tried out this product today, and I have to say that I was really fascinated by the results. I have long lashes but they lack volume. This product gave me the look of lots of long lashes. I followed the instructions, layering the fibers on top of the gel as quickly as possible, and then using the gel again to seal the fibers. I did three coats to get the thickness I desired. However, it is very easy for the fibers to look a little crazy, as they tend to go every which way on the lashes. I used a lash comb to straighten them out and prevent the look of clumps.

I have to admit, the whole process took longer than applying normal mascara would take. Although it took me at least five minutes more, I think that it is certainly worth it. I’m willing to sacrifice five minutes of sleep, and that says a lot!

(Photos from Younique’s website)

Before Application & After Application

The Younique 3D Fiber Lash mascara retails for $29 and can be purchased online or from a local distributor. I highly recommend this product even just after one use!

Perfectly Plaid

If there’s one trend I love about this fall and winter, it is certainly plaid.

From plaid coats, to plaid skirts, to plaid flannels, to plaid scarves. I can’t get enough plaid.

Two of my favorite celebrities have styled plaid so effortlessly. Taylor Swift uses this plaid printed coat as a stunning statement piece. Although she was probably a bit cold with her minimal choice of bottoms… I love how the coat just pops. In addition, her monochromatic take on accessorizing complements the coat so nicely. The burgundy boots and burgundy bag are killer, with or without the coat.


Jennifer Aniston, featured in Friends back in the late 90’s, seriously rocks her tartan plaid skirt. If I could buy this skirt for the holidays, I would probably wear it Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve with absolutely no shame. Although I would pass on the knee-high socks, I love her almost-turtleneck sweater paired with a chunky gold watch. The skirt really speaks for itself in this look and that’s why I love it.



Below are a few ways that I have chosen to style my plaid pieces this fall and winter. The first look is an edgier look, with the main focus being my grey and navy plaid flannel. I paired it with some black leggings and studded black boots. Around my neck, I added a blue statement necklace that brought out the blue tones of my flannel. I added some gold studs on my ears to complement the necklace. To make the look more vampy, I wore a dark, berry lip.



My second look is a softer, more festive look in my opinion. I layered my favorite plaid scarf over a cream sweater. I wore some dark-wash jeans and black booties, in addition to some pearl earrings and a gold bracelet. To add to the festiveness of this look, I wore a sheer red lip. This scarf is just.. so much yes. It really stands out against the cream sweater and it makes putting an outfit together so easy.  I love it a little too much.




Flannel & Scarf: Madewell

Necklace, Gold Earrings, & Pearl Earrings: J Crew

Sweater & Bracelet:  TJ Maxx

Let me know what kind of plaid pieces you’ve been wearing this fall and winter!

xo, Abigail

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night I attended Thanksgiving Eve church service and my pastor raised an interesting question; what if you woke up with only what you had thanked God for the day before? I thought I’d take a moment to thank God for not only the most important things in my life, but also the things that I take advantage of. Have a happy and blessed day full of family, food, and fun!

– four awesome people to guide me through life: my mom, dad, step-dad, and step-mom

– my brother, who motivates me to try my best

– my sister, who has taught me how to be nice (and puts up with me when I’m a brat) :)

– a warm loving home

– two sets of grandparents that support me in everything I do

– a school where I can learn and prepare myself for college

– basketball, a sport that I am so passionate about

– my teammates and all my coaches, they’re the best

– my friends, who always keep me smiling and laughing

– skating, and all of the people I’ve met through it

– traveling

– clothing and expressing myself in different ways

– cars and having the privilege to drive myself

– my cat Maggie :)

– candles

– warm blankets and sheets that make me never want to get up for school

– makeup and being able to spend a little time on myself

– pumpkin bread and all of the food I’m about to eat today :)

– TV shows that make me think (especially How To Get Away With Murder!!!)

– being able to express myself through writing on my blog

– sweatpants and fuzzy socks

– music

– hot chocolate

– Netflix

– snow (but only when we get snow days)

– the freedom to practice my religion

– God and his unconditional love and forgiveness, this beautiful world He’s created, and the beautiful people He has placed in my life

Tell me what you’re thankful below! Thanks for reading and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

xo, Abigail